About me

RJM new mugI am a Registered Yoga and Yoga Therapy Teacher with the Yoga Alliance UK and am fully insured through them, as well as being a friend of The Society of Yoga Practitioners. I co-run Love Yoga Ltd, a studio on Union Terrace in Aberdeen, with Martin Julich. I have a strong personal practice incorporating physical postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), mantra and meditation. I teach a number of timetabled classes in and around Aberdeenshire as well as private and corporate classes. I have a fantastic teacher who lives and breathes yoga and for whom I have an enormous amount of respect. He very kindly and skilfully guides and advises me as I walk this fascinating path.

I found yoga on a yoga and meditation retreat at the beautiful Dhanakosa retreat centre in the Trossachs. My experiences there changed my life. I began practising daily on my return and my love of yoga and hunger to learn more has been growing ever since.

I’ve had the good fortune to study with some great and renowned teachers including Dr.N. Chandrasekaran, MBBS, Colin Victor Dunsmuir, Michael Gannon, David Keil, Gill McLean, Kino McGregor, Doug Swenson, David Swenson and Shelley Swenson to date. I’m also currently studying a 3 year Yoga Therapy course – having completed the first training on therapeutic yoga for physical issues, I will next be studying pathological issues and diseases, and finally emotional and psychological conditions before undertaking an internship in India. The list of teachers and courses will keep growing as I continue to study and develop on my yoga journey – something I hope to be doing all my days.

I’m very enthusiastic about yoga and the benefits it brings and really believe that everyone can benefit from it. I consider myself very blessed to be able to share what I’ve learned so far and hopefully share some of the joy and positivity it has brought.

A little more background information…..

I have been asked what I did before this and what my background is, so here’s a little more information if you’re interested! I grew up in Udny, Aberdenshire and went to school here until I was 17 when I went to The University of Glasgow to study an MA Jt Hons in French & German. Following this I worked for an investment bank in Edinburgh before going travelling. I gained a Cambridge CELTA qualification to teach English as a foreign language at International House College in Barcelona then taught the Italian Air Force for a short time, before moving to Hamburg to teach business English there. After a few happy years there working as a self-employed Business English Trainer and Translator, I decided to add an interpreting and translating qualification to my repertoire, and returned to the UK to do an MSc in Translating German at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. Upon completion of my dissertation (on translating philosophical concepts in poetry!) I moved to London and ended up working for a boutique M&A Investment Bank as a Researcher and Assistant to the Senior Partner. I was surprised to find myself really enjoying this work and was contemplating an MSc in Finance….. How differently things may have turned out if it weren’t for the arrival of my daughter, who turned my path away from finance and encouraged me to return to my roots for family support. Not long after moving back to Aberdeenshire, when she was 13 months old, I went on to Dhanakosa to meditate and get a little space and perspective…… and the rest is history.