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Below are a series of intimate yoga & nutrition workshops at Rebecca’s home/studio in Aberdeenshire which combine beautiful bespoke yoga practices with a nutrition workshop and delicious food.

Raw Food & Yoga

Raw food is much more than a salad or nut milk! Learn about the awesome benefits of raw food and just how easy it can be to incorporate deliciously into your life ….. read more

Yoga & Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Find out all about starting your day optimally and just how important breakfast really is……. read more


There’s so much more to lunch than sandwiches. Learn how to make sure your lunch is working for your health and not against it….. read more

Bite-Sized Yoga & Guilt-Free Treats

We all love a tasty treat, but often feel bad about what we’re eating. How awesome would it be to enjoy delicious treats with no guilt?….. read more

Comfort Yoga & Comfort Food

Sometimes we just need a big hug! Learn how to use blissful, soul-soothing yoga and awesomely delicious, nutritious food to comfort, ground, and give yourself an internal hug….. read more